What are leopard geckos? 

The leopard gecko belongs to the animal kingdom and the reptile family. These geckos are generally found in the northern regions of India and Afghanistan. They also lie in the least concerned category in the conservation category. This gecko has become quite a famous pet for households. Geckos do not live among other animals instead spend their lifetime in burrows and tunnels from the cold.

Varieties of leopard geckos: 

There are quite many types of leopard gecko morphs, ranging almost to 100. All these are very calm that they make a good pet for reptile lovers. To name a few morphs, we have the lavender, raptor, baldy, albino morphs, high yellow, tangerine, Godzilla supergiant, hypo ghost, enigma, etc. Looking into the details of the above mentioned, we get to know the patterned, unpatterned, crossbred, etc versions of geckos.

  • Lavender: by the name, one can understand that this one will be in violet color. They fade as they grow older.
  • Raptor: these geckos have red eyes and their body shimmers in orange. This is a combinational morph.
  • Baldy: these do not have spots on their head, hence they are named baldy.
  • Albino morphs: these morphs have solid colors in their pupils, and have pale body tones since they cannot produce melanin.
  • High yellow: these are like any normal geckos but with a higher pinch of yellow with few black spots.
  • Tangerine: tangerines are orange in color and anything orange is a tangerine. They are often related to super hyper albino.
  • Godzilla supergiant: these geckos, as mentioned in the name are the biggest in the leopard gecko family. Not just for weight but are also the costliest ever gecko. They are few.
  • Hypo ghost: these geckos resemble the mack snows as they are pale. They fade as they age and are difficult to spot.
  • Enigma: geckos such as the enigmas have blotches and not defined stripes. They have indefinable patterns with a white tail mostly. They can be spotted easily once they start aging.

Pricing as a pet:

As mentioned, leopard gecko morphs make a really good pet. But the pricing ranges according to the morph. A normal gecko starts from $200 and the Godzilla supergiant is the highest price ever, sold for $1200. Now that even tarantulas are raised as pets, geckos no doubt would make a great pet for all the people who like abnormal things very much.

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