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The Best Use of the Cat Tree in the Apartment

The cat tree is a wooden, cardboard, fabric and rope construction that provides a play and rest area for your cat. The cat can climb and jump at leisure, it can rest, and observe from a high position in the small apartment. The cat tree makes it possible to offer a place in height which is very appreciated by small cats, in particular in the presence of other animals or children.

For its well-being, a cat must be able to choose its places of rest and activity, without being disturbed or stressed. The cat tree always has an area to claw to direct this activity of the cat on an area provided for this purpose. Without a scraper, the cat will choose places that will seem satisfactory to maintain its claws such as a sofa, a curtain, or even a carpet.

Simple cat tree

This model of climbing tree for cats consists of a box which serves as a base on which there is generally a pole covered with rope to make the claws and surmounted by a small resting tray. The opening can be square, round, cat-shaped, etc.

Multi-storey cat tree

  • Cat trees can have several platforms and several floors. The most complex offer hiding places, flat rest areas, hammocks, ropes and integrated games.
  • These cat trees require careful and solid assembly so as not to tip over during jumps or with weight.
  • To complete a cat tree, you can also add cushions fixed to the wall on shelves to create a unique route.

5 essential criteria for choosing the best cat tree

  1. How many cats will use it? It takes one dodo per cat. If you have two cats, it would be ideal to have a cat tree that has at least one rest platform and a hiding place. The instructions generally include the maximum weight supported, very useful for several animals.
  2. How heavy are the animals? Some inexpensive cat trees are not extremely strong. A good guarantee is undoubtedly the presence of a wide base which guarantees the balance of the structure.
  3. Where will you place it? The interest of the cat tree in addition to climbing is to be able to look outside. A cat will be even happier if its tree is placed against a fixed window sash or in front of a bay window. Be careful however to ensure the security of windows or balconies in apartments to avoid fatal accidents from falling.
  4. What is the height under the ceiling? There are models exceeding 170 centimeters without worry. Before your purchase, postpone the measurements in your interior to be certain that you will be able to fit your cat’s play and rest area without blocking a door or passage.
  5. Does the cat tree have to be beautiful? Some manufacturers offer designer cat trees or objects with hiding places. Before the aesthetic side, always think of the well-being of your animal: a cat needs calm, to climb, and to scratch.


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